User's guide Entering findings Entering findings
How to install the program? I VIDEO Main window and program's icons I VIDEO Graphic panel I VIDEO  Graphic tooth icons
How to get academic or full licence? I VIDEO Choosing a patient 1. Abrasion 1. Bridge pontic I VIDEO
Dens PC Shortcuts.pdf Data entry procedure 2. Caries 2. Dental implant
Differences between the lincences Starting new chart 3. Decalcification 3. Telescopic crown
How to only read chart (Dens PC Reader) Save chart 4. Distal movement 4. Veener
How do I set up my password? Modify existing chart I VIDEO 5. Extrusion 5. Missing tooth I VIDEO
How do I create a security copy? Printing charts 6. Fracture 6. Deciduous tooth
What to do with serial number? I VIDEO Sending chart over e-mail I VIDEO 7. Hypoplasia 7. Odontomy
Order licence with  your Google account? I VIDEO Exporting chart 8. Intrusion 8. Root canal filling
  Importing chart I VIDEO 9. Mesial movement 9. Ball attachment
  Add comment 10. Mobility 10. Overhanging crown margins
  Program settings 11. Periapical abscess 11. Overhanging filling margins
  Tooth numbering system 12. Sensibility 12. Crown I VIDEO
  Shortcuts overview   13. Furcation defect I VIDEO
  Moving in chart   14. Radix
      15. Dental sealant
      16. Filling I VIDEO
      17. Post & Core
      18. False tooth (denture)
Video support
Recording probing depth and gingival margin    
Introduction to Dens PC program I VIDEO Calibration and terms (GM,PD...)  I VIDEO     
Dens PC Intro I VIDEO Recording pocket depth data    
Perio & Dental exam  in 2.5 min VIDEO Selecting data recording mode (DRM)    
Dental chart in one minute I VIDEO Custom data recording mode I VIDEO    
Recording transitional dentition I VIDEO Recording bleeding    
Installation on Windows 7 I VIDEO Recording suppuration    
  Recording recession    






Video support / Dens PC Intro













Video support / Short introduction to Dens PC program





























Video support / Record of transitional dentition
















Video support / Installation on Windows 7















Video support / Perio & Dental exam in two and a half minutes













Video support / Writing dental chart in one minute












FAQ / How to install the program?



1. Download Dens PC program.
2. Open the installation file and follow the instructions.
3. The program opens automatically after the installation.












FAQ / How do I create a security copy of data?




All data is located in the installation folder. On Windows 7 the program automatically installs in C:\Program Files (x86)\Dens_PC. Copy the base DENSDATA.FDB and save it on a secure location (USB, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive....)




1. Go to My Computer and open Local Disk (:C)


2. Open folder Program Files (x86)

Medikont Dens PC backup copy


3. Open folder Dens_PC


4. In the folder Dens_PC find DENSDATA.fdb file and copy it (ctrl+C).

Medikont Dens PC backup copy


5. Open your secure location where your security data is saved (USB, e-mail, Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive...) and paste it (Ctrl+V).


6. We recommend you that security copies of your data are created regulary. Medikont and creator of Dens PC do not take any responsibility in case of losing your data.





FAQ / How do I set up my password?

 1. Press Settings.