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We are gathering orders via Medikont Group Order procedure ...

What is the standard procedure to place order on

1. Register.
2. Go to desired product page.
3. Pick - up your product and add it to the chart (add to chart)  or fill the product SKU number in Quick Order Tab  on the left side of the screen together with Quantity.
4. Order your products via standard ordering sequences.
5. Place Order. (even after your place order, you can edit your order in your personal account - see Reorder).
6. If you don't transfer your money after closing count down time  via advance payment  or Paypal in the 72 hour period time, your Order will be canceled (your canceled Order is still visible in your account).


What is Group Order? I need explanation about Group Order Tab?

           1.                                 2.                        3.                                        4.                                            5.
1. Group Order Tab  (sum of all individual orders) is visible for each manufacturer in every page
2. Link to manufacturer in Group Order Tab
3. Group Order count down
4. Group MQO - Group minimum quantity order
5. Group MQO reached -  sum of ordered products ( in %) from individual users for particular Group Order


How should I pay products?

1. You have 72 hours after closing time of the Group Order to commit payment with prepayment method or directly via PayPal.
2. After placing order (or payment via PayPal) Medikont will send you e-mail. Please see e-mail for detailed information about ordered products and payment information.
3. It is recommended to commit payment before closing time.

I transfered money to Medikont account, but MQO is not achieved?

1. If MQO is not achieved, Medikont negotiates with manufacturer to lower the MQO
2. When sum of individual orders is to small (MQO is not reached), Medikont transfers money back to user within 5 working days after closing time


I just want to know the product price?

1. Pick-up the products and add it to the chart (you can use Quick Order Tab or add the product to the basket)
2. Price is shown on the shopping cart (without tax)
3. Please, check out also the price lists for particular manufacturer
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